Whisper was a Mobian wolf.

Biography Edit

In her childhood, Whisper was a member of a group called the Diamond Cutters. However, one day, a member of the group, Mimic, turned against them and killed all members of the group except Whisper.

Whisper later became an ally of the Resistance during the Eggman War. She only helped in the shadows and was never an official member of the group.

Whisper later befriended Tangle, as well as past members of the Resistance. Tangle and Whisper both joined the Restoration, a group dedicated to restoring various parts of Mobius following the rules of Eggman and Julian Robotnik.

After some time, Tangle and Whisper began to fall in love.

Personality Edit

Whisper was mostly a loner, preferring to work in the shadows rather than directly cooperaring with others. She was quiet, and would often speak at a low volume.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Whisper's date of birth, July 19, comes from the date when Whisper's appearance was first announced. Additionally, her year of birth was made 1989 as this would make her 16 as of September 2005.
  • Her current age (as of October 23, 2020) would be 31.
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