The Urban symbol

The Urban Universe is one of the five universes of the Boonieverse. The universe is located below the Urban World. The main planet of this universe is Earth.

Galaxies and Solar Systems Edit

Like every universe, the Urban Universe consits of many galaxies and each galaxy contains many solar systems.

There are way more known solar systems and galaxies, but these are just some.

History Edit

The Urban Universe was originally ruled by the Cave tribe until the most recent Boonie War, which was fought between the Urban tribe and the Cave tribe thousands of years ago. This war resulted in the destruction of Coruscant, the main planet in the original Urban Universe. The war eventually ended with the victory of the Urban tribe and that tribe gained ownership of the previous Cave Universe while the Cave tribe became the Darkside tribe and gained ownership of the old Urban Universe.

As a result of the war, Earth went through massive technological advancements, with the human population building cities. Additionally, the human population started increasing rapidly in three of the four dimensions on the planet.

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