Sonic Needlemouse, better known as Sonic the Hedgehog is a prince (later king) of Christmas Island and a hero who has saved nearby locations multiple times, mainly from Ivo Robotnik. He is the child of Queen Aleena Needlemouse and Maurice O'Hedge, (chronologically) older triplet brother of Sonia and Manic, boyfriend, later husband of RosenRoll and father of Manik Needlemouse.

Sonic was the first blue hedgehog to be born into the direct Needlemouse lineage since the legendary King Sega, although Sonic got his blue color from his father's side, the O'Hedge family, rather than his mother's side.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Sonic was originally meant to be called "Sonic O'Hedge", but his name was changed to Needlemouse as it is the name of the royal family of his local kingdom.
  • Mr. Needlemouse was a name used for Sonic in development.
  • The idea to have Sonic's birthday be April 4 came in 2010, when every major Sonic character (excluding Shadow and possibly Eggman) was given an April birthday to allow them to be the same age from early May to April Fools' Day of the following year, and Sonic would be the first of the main characters to have his birthday. Most of the ideas for storylines during that time period were scrapped, but the fanon birthday of April 4 stayed.
    • Officially, Sonic's birthday is on June 23. While this birthday was the most commonly accepted birthday for Sonic for a long time due to it being the release date of the first Sonic game, it was not officially made Sonic's birthday until 2013, which was after April 4 was chosen as Sonic's birthday in Star's universe. As June 23 would conflict with Sonic being (chronologically) 15 years old in both the Adventure and Modern era games based on Star's timeline, the April 4 birthday was kept.

Notes Edit

  • Sonic was born with Werehog blood, though his transformation was only activated when he met Shadow.
  • In 2005, Sonic encountered the distorted Fairy Tale Land version of Nimue, who took the form of Amy Rose. Nimue took the form of the person the visitor feared the most. In addition, Sonic is someone who rarely gets afraid but Amy's rage is one of the few things that scare him.
  • Although not officially an elemental, Sonic has frequently been associated with the wind, meaning it would be likely for him to be considered an air elemental if he were to join an element based group similar to the Skylanders.
  • He and RosenRoll were not yet married as of 2018 as she was referred to as Sonic's girlfriend.
  • Sonic did not age for over seven years, during a period of time in which he regularly turned into a Werehog. He managed to get rid of this transformation on December 31, 2012, making his biological age close to that of Miles Prower.
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