RosenRoll the Hedgehog (born April 1998) was dark pink hedgehog who lives in Seaside Hill, Northamer, Mobius. She started dating Sonic in 2012 and the two got married by 2030, making her the Queen of Christmas Island as of 2035.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

RosenRoll was born to a couple of two hedgehogs in the kingdom of Mercia in April 1998. Soon after, when the kingdom was taken over by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, her parents were roboticizated. She was raised by Clove and Cassia.

The Crystal Cave mission Edit

When Clove and Cassia went to their first mission, to guard the Crystal Cave, Eggman didn't want her to join the mission because she was too young (only 9).

Meeting Sonic and Tails Edit

By the age of 14, RosenRoll had already become skilled in karate. In 2012, a few weeks before the London Olympics, RosenRoll was on a mission to defeat Sonic and Tails, the two enemies of Dr. Eggman. On the mission, she was in a full-body armor that covered even her eyes.

When Sonic knocked her helmet off and saw her eyes, he suddenly stopped (for a reason unknown to RosenRoll). When Tails proceeded to attack RosenRoll, Sonic got in the way, injuring Tails. Tails suspected that Sonic was under some kind of mind control and tried to figure out what was going on as looking into RosenRoll's eyes had no effect on him. Tails and RosenRoll started to fight again, with Tails losing. Sonic jumped between the two and tried to calm them down. RosenRoll asked Sonic why he refused to fight her to which Sonic replied that an unknown force prevented him from letting anyone hurt RosenRoll. Tails asked Sonic if this was an attempt to find new love after Sonic's recent break up with Blaze, but Sonic said that it was something different. However, it did cause Sonic to develop strong feelings for RosenRoll that he couldn't deny.

Relationships Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog Edit

RosenRoll used to dislike Sonic but currently they are together.

Cosmo the Seedrian Edit

RosenRoll was best friends with Cosmo.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Edit

When she was younger, RosenRoll seemed to show more loyalty to Eggman than Clove and Cassia since she was very young when the two joined the Eggman Empire. At first, Eggman disliked her because she was a hedgehog, but accepted her anyway.

Clove and Cassia Edit

Clove and Cassia were like siblings to RosenRoll. However, she felt a little left alone due to Clove and Cassia being much closer to each other than either of them was to RosenRoll.

Abilities Edit

RosenRoll is skilled in karate.

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