Mario Robotnik, later known as Mario Mario and also known by the nickname Jumpman, was the first and only son of Geraldo and Meredith Robotnik and younger brother of Maria Robotnik. Originally from Mobius, he had a huge fight with his family at the 1964 Supernatural Olympics, resulting in him leaving his family behind and moving to Mushroom Kingdom, where he changed his last name to match his first name. He married a woman named Pauline and together they had three children: Pauline Junior, Mario Junior and Luigi. However, he also abused animals, including a gorilla named Donkey Kong, which eventually lead to his death.

Biography Edit

Mario was born in 1944 to Geraldo and Meredith Robotnik. He had an older sister called Maria, but due to her medical condition, he was rarely able to see her as she had to spend all her time on the space colony ARK. When Mario was 11 years old, both his sister and paternal grandfather (presumably) died on the ARK due to G.U.N. seeing Gerald's alliance with Black Doom as a threat.

In 1964, Mario participated at the Supernatural Olympics, held in Tokyo that year, along with his uncle Julian Robotnik. However, at the Olympics, a huge fight broke out between them, which resulted in him deciding to leave the Robotnik family, changing his last name to Mario. When the Supernatural Olympics ended, he decided to move to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he eventually met and fell in love with a woman named Pauline, and the two had three children together.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario became a carpenter. He also forcibly kept a gorilla named Donkey Kong as his pet, and frequently abused the gorilla. One time, he made the gorilla perform in a circus and forced him to juggle pineapples, laughing whenever the gorilla failed.

Fed up with this abuse, Donkey Kong kidnapped Pauline and ran up a construction site. Mario managed to save his wife. To get revenge, Mario captured Donkey Kong and put him in a cage. As Donkey Kong's son, Donkey Kong Junior, tried to save his father, Mario threw obstacles at the young gorilla. Despite this, Donkey Kong Junior successfully saved his father. He was then killed by the pair of gorillas.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Jumpman being Mario's father is based on a popular fan theory, and while debunked by Nintendo in canon, it still serves as a fanon explanation to how Cranky Kong has aged so much since the Donkey Kong games while Mario has seemingly become younger. It also explains why Mario invited Pauline as a special guest in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, as inviting his mother or older sister would make more sense than inviting his ex-girlfriend.
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