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Elena Jenkins was a witch who went to Hogwarts in 1984-1991. She was the younger sister of the infamous Jacob Jenkins, who was expelled for his search for the Cursed Vaults and went missing shortly afterwards. Elena dedicated much for her Hogwarts time to finding Jacob, as well as mastering any skills she possibly could.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Elena was born in 1972-1973 to British wizard Bradley Jenkins and American witch Celeste Jenkins somewhere in the United Kingdom. She grew up near Muggles alongside her parents and older brother Jacob. Her mother was strict about the use of magic, forbidding the use of broomsticks.

Jacob started Hogwarts in 1964 and was sorted into Slytherin. During his time at Hogwarts, Jacob went to look for the Cursed Vaults, which lead to him getting expelled in 1981, when Elena was 8 years old. Jacob had been missing ever since and Elena felt bad for her brother.

In 1984, Elena got her Hogwarts acceptance letter. She went to buy her supplies in Diagon Alley, where she met Rowan Khanna, who was also starting Hogwarts that year. Elena and Rowan talked for a while and quickly became best friends.

Hogwarts years Edit

First year Edit

On September 1, 1984, Elena went to the Sorting Ceremony alongside Rowan Khanna and other students. When it was Elena's turn to get sorted, the Sorting Hat saw her having potential in all 4 Houses, although it didn't take long for it to choose Slytherin, the same house Jacob was in. Rowan was also sorted into Slytherin. Elena, Rowan and other Slytherins were lead to the Slytherin common room by Professor Severus Snape.

When Elena got into the common room, she was bullied by a third-year boy, who said that Jacob ruined Slytherin's reputation. Rowan defended Elena, saying the boy wouldn't be a good Slytherin since he was bullying first-year students.

Later, Elena had Charms and Potions lessons. Before Potions, Elena encountered Merula, who was bullying Rowan. In Potions class, Elena was doing well until her potion was sabotaged by Merula, which lead to Slytherin losing 10 points.

After Potions, Elena met first-year Gryffindor Ben Copper, who told her about how Merula Snyde had bullied him for being a Muggle-born. He told her everything in Hogwarts was scaring him. Elena told him things were hard for her too and the two became friends.

Later in her first year, she befriended Penny Haywood, the most popular student in her year.

Second year Edit

In her second year, Elena, along with her friends Rowan and Penny, took extra-curricular Flying classes (since mandatory Flying classes ended after year 1). Elena also took private lessons in Transfiguration, taught by Minerva McGonagall.

During the Start of Term Feast, Elena noticed Ben was missing. Elena and Rowan spent the next two months coming up with a plan to find him.

A few days before the Hallowe'en Feast, Elena spotted Ben in the Clocktower Courtyard, acting suspiciously. He, however, redirected Elena's attention to a recent suspected werewolf attack. Elena teamed up with Chiara Lobosca to investigate the attack, and befriended Chiara following the events. After the next full moon, Ben had gone missing again.

On November 30, Elena and Rowan went into the Gryffindor Common Room to search for a feather as suggested by suspicious instructions they found in the Artefact Room. When the two left, they were caught by Professor Minerva McGonagall and Prefect Angelica Cole. Elena explained what had happened and, to Angelica's surprise and anger, McGonagall did not take House Points from Slytherin. Shortly afterwards, Elena and Rowan noticed McGonagall and Snape freeing Ben from the Cursed Ice. Shortly after this incident, Elena went to ask Ben about what had happened, but he at least claimed he was unable to remember anything from the past three months.

In December, Elena helped her fellow Slytherins to get revenge on Gryffindors, who boasted about their recent victory in from of Slytherins. She also performed with the Weird Sisters, consisting of only three members back then.

In her second year, Elena befriended William "Bill" Weasley, a Gryffindor boy two years ahead of him who aimed to become the next Gryffindor male prefect (and succeeded). The two and Rowan found the Vault of Ice.

Third year Edit

In her third year, she took Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as her electives (the latter choice was presumably due to the visions she had previously had).

She befriended Nymphadora Tonks during a Flying Class. She later befriended Tulip Karasu and Barnaby Lee, both of whom had previously been friends with Merula. She also officially met Andre Egwu and Liz Tuttle, although she did not befriend either of them.

She discovered the Vault of Fear along with Tonks, Tulip and Barnaby. That year, she learned her boggart was Lord Voldemort.

Later on that year, she decided to become an Animagus. During this process, she met Talbott Winger, an unregistered bird Animagus and a loner. Elena's Animagus form was also a bird, although a different type of bird. While Talbott was reluctant to befriend Elena at first, the two eventually became close friends when Elena found Talbott's lost necklace.

In her third year, Elena also became a member of the Frog Choir. She heard about two open spots, which got her to try to join with Tulip's toad, Dennis. She also got advice from Ravenclaw Prefect Chester Davies, one of the recently resigned members. Later on, she heard about only one spot being open, for which she and Merula Snyde completed. In the end, Elena got the spot along with Dennis.

Fourth year Edit

She befriended Bill's younger brother, Charlie. She also started hanging out with Andre Egwu, convincing him to let her borrow his broom for flights to the Forbidden Forest.

During a magical creature outbreak, Rubeus Hagrid asked Elena to help capture the creatures. Elena greatly helped them. Seeing how well Elena did with magical creature, Hagrid showed her his newly founded secret Magical Creatures Reserve, where they could take care of magical creatures without having them come to Hogwarts. Jacob, a Bowtruckle named by Elena after her missing brother, was also moved there. Elena named all of the creatures in the reserve after her friends, including a Porlock named Rubeus.

In her fourth year, despite breaking multiple school rules, she also managed to prove she was capable of becoming the next Slytherin female prefect.

Fifth year Edit

In her fifth year, Elena and her friend Charlie were some of the new Prefects. Early in her fifth year, Elena met Beatrice Haywood, Penny's younger sister. She also met Percy Weasley.

During this year, Elena befriended Jae Kim, who spent detention in the kitchens with her. She also befriended Badeea Ali and Diego Caplan, and got to really know Liz Tuttle.

During this school year, her original wand was destroyed by Patricia Rakepick when Elena tried to use Legilimency on her. Rakepick, however, went to Diagon Alley with Elena to let her purchase a new wand.

In her fifth year, she took the O.W.L.s like other students in her year. She got a total of nine O.W.L.s, in every subject that she took. Before the O.W.L.s, she had career advice with Professor Snape, but Elena was unsure which career she should have. While taking the O.W.L.s, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to become a Magizoologist. She got the following O.W.L. grades:

  • Care of Magical Creatures: O
  • Charms: O
  • History of Magic: O
  • Potions: O
  • Transfiguration: O
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: E
  • Herbology: E

Her Astronomy and Divination grades were enough to continue to N.E.W.T. level.

Before the end of the school year, she entered the Portrait Vault with Patricia Rakepick, Bill Weasley, Merula Snyde, Charlie Weasley and Ben Copper. They were betrayed by Rakepick, who revealed her alliance with R. Elena was briefly reunited with Jacob before the latter went after Rakepick.

Shortly before the end-of-term feast, Elena and Charlie arranged a party for Bill. During this party, Elena had an encounter with Mad-Eye Moody, who Apparated her to a different location and told her secret information about R. He swore her to secrecy. After returning to Hogwarts, Elena went to the end-of-term feast, where Slytherin won the House Cup for the fifth time in a row.

Sixth year Edit

Elena had a hard time not to reveal what she learned, as Moody finding her wasn't exactly secret. Elena and Moody met at Hog's Head Inn, where he revealed that R was actually a group, and that he would take care of R while Elena should find the last Cursed Vault as quickly as possible.

Elena had more encounters with her brother, but he refused to let her come with him in his search for Rakepick and the Cursed Vault, but warned Elena about an assassin who was possibly after her and her friends. Later, Elena and Jacob found a white quill carried by Sickleworth, which turned out to be a threat from R. Jacob let Elena go search for the owl from which the feather was.

Before Elena went to the Owlery to look for a white owl, Penny decided to introduce Elena to Quidditch, as Slytherin and Ravenclaw were playing in a friendly. Penny told Elena that she had been supporting the Slytherin Quidditch team for a long time as it was the team where Skye Parkin, descendant of the Wigtown Wanderers founders, played. Before the match, Elena met the Face Paint Kid, who gave Elena a Quidditch quiz, and after that, Elena got Slytherin face paint. However, during the Quidditch friendly, Elena was hit by a Bludger, and had to go to the hospital wing. A player on the team, Rebecca Ortiz, was also injured. In the Hospital Wing, Rebecca told Elena about her earlier Quidditch experiences.

When Elena finally recovered, she met up with Talbott Winger, and the two searched for a white owl together. However, they were unable to find one. Eventually, Elena learned that the owl was associated with Rakepick, and that Rakepick was after Artefacts that were stored in the Ministry of Magic. Elena planned to sneak into the Ministry to get the items before Rakepick could. She planned to do this with an invisibility cloak and teamed up with Andre and Charlie to get one from the shady Alistair Fidgen. She was eventually stopped by Alastor Moody, who convinced her it was a bad idea to try to sneak into the Ministry.

Elena spent most of the remaining year 1989 training and preparing for the arrival of a dark wizard and suspected Death Eater who had escaped Auror custody before he could be sent to Azkaban. During this time, Ben Copper said he would be Elena's bodyguard, which was more annoying than helpful to Elena.

On Christmas, Elena was one of the few people who did not have any plans to go home, as her mother was visiting her American relatives again. She agreed to come to the Burrow to celebrate Christmas with the Weasley family.

In February, Elena, Ben and Merula snuck out of Hogwarts in order to spy on Jacob's meeting with R. However, it turned out to be a trap, and Rakepick showed up and attempted to kill Ben. When she cast the Killing Curse, Rowan got in the way, causing her to die. Elena was deeply saddened by this death.

Following this event, Elena formed the Circle of Khanna along with her friends. The group's purpose was to avenge the death of Rowan Khanna as well as locate the final Cursed Vault. Elena was the leader of this group.

Near the end of her sixth year, Elena was selected as the next Head Girl by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

Around the same time, Professor McGonagall announced that the three clubs at Hogwarts (Hippogriff, Sphinx, Dragon) were looking for new members. Hearing this announcement, Elena (along with Penny) became interested in joining the clubs. Elena started by joining the Hippogriff Club, as this club involved taking care of magical creatures. She joined the other two clubs shortly afterwards as well, as she met the qualifications for all three clubs.

Later life Edit

Note: This section is subject to change depending on any information released by Hogwarts Mystety

After graduating from Hogwarts, Elena started a career as a Magizoologist. She may have married Talbott Winger.

In 2017, she was summoned to the kingdom of Greenhorne by a mysterious power. While there, she met Star, and agreed to help her in her in her quest to restore people's faces and defeat the Dark Lord, Illuminati. During this quest, she was captured along with Star's other teammates, but was eventually freed. She eventually left Miitopia and returned to the United Kingdom.

After returning, she helped other wizards help with the Calamity, which was threatening to expose the entire wizarding world to Muggles.

Appearance Edit

Elena had light brown hair, which she normally kept longer than shoulder length, but she temporarily cut it in 1989 for her prank event and kept it short for the following summer. It had grown back by the following October. She had light skin and blue eyes, which were typical traits for the Jenkins family.

She had some accessories which she wore on nearly every occasion. Her most notable accessory was her green sunglasses, which she wore almost all the time starting in her fourth year. She also wore a Quidditch necklace, which she got from her friend Andre, starting in her sixth year.

Personality Edit

Elena was ambitious, determined to master various complicated magical skills (such as an Animagus transformation and the Patronus Charm) as well as to find her long lost brother. Elena showed compassion and loyalty to her friends and brother, and sometimes even people who had hurt her in the past. She was unwilling to use methods such as Unforgivable Curses or cheating to achieve her goals, although she did occasionally break the rules. According to the Sorting Hat, she had potential for every Hogwarts house, but it saw Slytherin as the best match, likely due to most of her family also being in Slytherin.

Possessions Edit

  • Wands: Like most witches and wizards, Elena owned wands, starting with her first wand.
    • First wand: Like most Hogwarts students, Elena purchased her first wand at Ollivander's at the age of 11. It was made of Acacia with a Unicorn hair core. The wand was destroyed by Patricia Rakepick in 1989, during Elena's fifth year.
    • Second wand: After her first wand was destroyed, Elena bought a new wand at Ollivander's. It was made of Laurel with a Phoenix feather core.
    • Miitopia wands: During her time in Miitopia, she acquired many wands that were better suited to combat against the monsters created by the Illuminati.
  • Animals: Due to her passion in Magizoology, Elena owned many pets during her time at Hogwarts, starting in her fourth year. It was her excessive owning of pets that lead to Elena getting her own dormitory by the request of Rubeus Hagrid, and later to Hogwarts making a rule restricting new students to only one pet per student. As the co-owner of a Magical Creatures Reserve, she also owned many magical creatures.
  • Clothes: Elena had many outfits, many of which are pictured in the gallery. She had a tendency to wear clothes depending on the time of the year, such as wearing spooky clothes in October and Christmassy clothes in December.
    • Casual clothes: Elena owned many casual clothes, which she wore when classes were over for the day, or on days when she did not have any classes.
    • Hogwarts uniform: Like all Hogwarts students, Elena owned Hogwarts robes. She wore it during all classes.
    • Slytherin scarf: Elena owned a Slytherin scarf, which she wore outside in winter.
    • Skeleton shirt: Elena owned a shirt with three dancing skeletons. She first wore the shirt in 1984, during and following the Hallowe'en Feast. She also wore the shirt in October 1989 after using Engorgio to make it bigger.
    • Bat shirt: Elena owned a shirt with bats flying in front of a full moon, which was made by the same designer as the skeleton shirt. She wore the shirt in October 1985.
    • Beauxbatons uniform: She received a Beauxbatons uniform as a gift from Aurélie Dumont and Madame Maxime when the two visited Hogwarts.
    • Potion belt: Elena received a potion belt as a gift from Penny Haywood.
    • Winter outfit: In 1987, Elena got Bill's old winter outfit as a Christmas present as he had grown out of it. The outfit still fit her two years later.
    • Weasley sweater: Elena received one of Bill's old sweaters, originally made for him by his mother as part of an annual tradition, as a gift.
    • Dungbomb necklace: Elena received a dungbomb necklace as a gift from Tulip. It was identical to the one owned by her.
    • Pride of Portree scarf: Elena received this scarf as a gift from Andre Egwu after the two had their first proper meeting in Hogsmeade.
    • Slytherin sunglasses: Elena bought these sunglasses at some point during her third year. While initially, she only wore them on rare occasions, she started to wear them almost all the time in her fourth year.
    • Dress robes: Elena owned formal clothing, which she wore on various occasions. The first one was a blue dress with stars, which she wore to the Celestial Ball. The second was a purple dress with various accessories, which she wore on her first date. Both outfits were designed and made by Andre. She presumably also wore formal clothes at Bill and Fleur's wedding in 1997.
    • Peeves hat: Elena received a Peeves hat after successfully pranking Rita Skeeter along with Nymphadora Tonks, Tulip Karasu and Argus Filch in the 1987-1988 school year. She wore it during the following school year as part of her chaos outfit when she was trying to impress Peeves.
    • Prefect badge: Elena received a green prefect badge when she was chosen as the Slytherin female prefect in 1988. She always wore it with her robes in her fifth year onwards, as prefects were required.
    • Quidditch hoop necklace: Elena received this necklace as a gift from Andre after his encounter with Brennan Doyle. It had a picture of three goal hoops, a reference to Andre's position as a Keeper. She wore it in her sixth year.
    • Owl necklace: She received a special owl necklace from her parents after they heard that Elena had achieved nine O.W.L.s, including at least five Outstanding grades.
    • Death Day outfit: Elena wore this outfit on Halloween in 1989. It was a long, light blue hooded robe.
    • Christmas outfit: Elena wore a red Christmas dress in December 1989, along with varying head accessories.
  • Photo of friends: In 1987, her friends gave her this photo as a Christmas present. It had all of Elena's friends at the time in it.
  • Hand-made Puffskein: Elena owned a hand-made Puffskein, which was given to her by Beatrice Haywood on the latter's first day at school.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Jacob Jenkins Edit

Jacob Elena hug

Elena and Jacob reunited after 8 years

Elena grew up with Jacob, although due to their notable age difference, Elena did not get to see Jacob much due to his time at Hogwarts. Elena and Jacob got along well during the few moments when they got to see each other.

Despite Jacob's dark reputation, Elena cared about her brother and didn't think of him as badly as others. Ever since Jacob went missing, Elena had been trying to find him. She never gave up hope that he was alive and did not believe he was evil when others claimed so. She got angry whenever people said Jacob was evil or dead. Jacob was also the first name Elena gave to a creature, a Bowtruckle originally owned by Professor Silvanus Kettleburn but moved to the Magical Creatures Reserve in the 1987-1988 school year due to Elena's strong bond with it.

When the two met again after years, the two hugged. Elena was sad to see Jacob leave so soon again after he went against Rakepick, but understood his reasoning. She also respected Jacob's wish not to tell their parents that she had found him.

After Jacob's return, Elena got annoyed that Jacob would not let her get involved with his plan to search the Cursed Vaults and him staying away from her. In her sixth year, she held on to the hope that once the Cursed Vaults had been dealt with and R had been stopped, she could have a peaceful life with Jacob and the rest of her family.

Parents Edit

Out of her parents, Elena was closer to her mother, mainly due to her father often being away from home due to his job. Elena's mother was often strict, such as by not allowing Elena to have a broomstick of her own even in her fourth year, although these rules were to protect her and to keep her from breaking the Statute of Secrecy.

Cousins Edit

Elena's two cousins, Mia and Peyton, attended Hogwarts at least mostly at the same time as Elena, but she did not interact much with them during the time. As Mia was in Hufflepuff, Elena and Mia may have been mutual friends with Penny Haywood. Elena mostly interacted with her cousins whenever one family visited the other, such as in the summer of 1989, and they got along well.

Other Relatives Edit

Elena got along fairly well with her uncle and aunt Hamish and Arianna whenever the families visited each other.

She was in the same year and house as distant cousin Autumn Jenkins, but the two rarely interacted.

Friends Edit

During her time at Hogwarts, Elena made many friends. She often spent time with her friends by eating sandwiches in the Great Hall, playing Gobstones in the Clock Tower Courtyard and drinking Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks Inn.

Rowan Khanna Edit

Elena and Rowan met in Diagon Alley, where they quickly became best friends. Both Elena and Rowan were sorted in Slytherin in 1984. Rowan defended Elena whenever someone brought up Jacob. Elena and Rowan were both outsiders.

However, over the years, Elena and Rowan got less close, although they still remained close friends. By her fifth year, Elena seemed to be closer to Penny Haywood. Rowan started to become jealous because of this, and missed the time she and Elena would hang out all the time. Rowan still understood that times changed and friendships with them.

In their sixth year, Rowan sacrificed her life in order to save Elena and her friends from Patricia Rakepick. Elena was deeply saddened by her death.

Rubeus Hagrid Edit

Elena and Hagrid had their first proper meeting when the latter rescued the former from the Devil's Snare. The two became close, and Elena considered Hagrid a mentor and friend. Elena agreed to help Dumbledore prepare a birthday party for Hagrid, which Hagrid considered his best birthday ever. Hagrid trusted Elena enough to let her take care of the creatures in the Magical Creature Reserve.

Ben Copper Edit

Ben was Elena's second friend at Hogwarts. Elena helped Been overcome his fear of flying on a broomstick. The two later learned duelling together. While Rowan did not trust Ben and had an openly negative opinion on him, Elena was not as harsh on the boy.

Penny Haywood Edit

Penny was Elena's third friend at Hogwarts. She helped brewing a Sleeping Draught when Elena went to investigate the Cursed Vaults. Elena and Penny got very close during their years at Hogwarts, and although Penny was very popular, she considered Elena her closest friend.

Chiara Lobosca Edit

Elena met Chiara on Halloween following Fenrir Grayback's attack on Hogwarts. Elena was the first student to learn that Chiara was a werewolf. During the next full moon, Chiara, able to control herself with the use of Wolfsbane Potion, came to protect Elena from Fenrir Greyback, but was knocked unconscious.

The following year, Elena teamed up with Chiara again. While Chiara was unwilling to team up with Elena at first, Elena managed to convince her. Chiara considered herself to be unworthy of Elena's friendship due to her being a werewolf, but Elena would not give up. Eventually, the two became close friends, and Elena trusted Chiara enough to stay close to her werewolf form.

William Weasley Edit

Elena met Bill in her second (his fourth) year at Hogwarts. Bill taught Elena Incendio to prepare going to the Cursed Vaults. During this year, Elena got a crush on him, which was something she only told the Weird Sisters when she was affected by the Cheering Charm. This crush, however, was one-sided. Her best friend Rowan had a more open crush on Bill.

Nymphadora Tonks Edit

Elena befriended Tonks by their third year, as the two were excited to go to Hogsmeade for the first time. Later, Elena introduced Tonks to Tulip, and the two pranksters ended up becoming best friends. Elena also helped Tonks study for a Herbology test to help her get away from detention for the rest of her school days. In their fourth year, Tonks taught Elena how to cast the Patronus Charm following a Dementor attack on Hogwarts.

It is unknown if Elena was still in touch with Tonks during the Second Wizarding War or if she even found out about Tonks' death in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Tulip Karasu Edit

Elena and Tulip met in their third year when Elena needed her help to get to Jacob's room. While Tulip did not trust Elena at first, the two became friends. Later, Elena agreed to take Tulip's toad Dennis to the Frog Choir with her. Elena also sometimes joined pranking events with Tulip and Tonks.

Barnaby Lee Edit

Elena and Barnaby Celestial Ball

Elena dancing with Barnaby at the Celestial Ball

While initially, Barnaby was friends with Merula and Ismelda, Elena saw the good in him and that he was manipulated by Merula. Elena eventually convinced him to leave Merula and become friends with her. Unlike Merula, Elena treated Barnaby with respect, and the two became close friends.

In their fourth year, Elena and Barnaby went to the Celestial Ball together. During this time, Barnaby began to develop feelings for Elena, but unfortunately for him, they were one-sided, as she had feelings for Talbott. By the time Elena learned of the feelings, she was already about to go on a date with Talbott.

Talbott Winger Edit

Elena Talbott date

Elena on her first date with Talbott

Talbott and Elena met due to their mutual friendship with Penny Haywood when Elena wanted to become an Animagus. A loner, Talbott did not initially want to talk to Elena. When Elena became an Animagus, she learned Talbott was an unregistered one. Although Talbott called Elena his friend, he initially rejected this idea. He eventually accepted Elena as his friend when the two managed to find Talbott's missing necklace.

In her fourth year, Elena had a crush on Talbott. She did not initially want to ask him out due to feeling embarrassed, but eventually did and he accepted. Their first date, which was the first date ever for both of them, was awkward as neither knew what to say. After the date, with some convincing by Hagrid, Elena went after Talbott and the two looked at stars in the Clocktower Courtyard.

Talbott Elena Kiss

Elena's first kiss with Talbott

They did not remain together after the date, and hardly spoke during most of their fifth year. He joined other Ravenclaws in talking to the Grey Lady one time. On Valentine's Day that year, Talbott and Elena were both chosen to participate in an event by Gilderoy Lockhart, and Talbott confessed to Elena that he still had feelings for her and wanted her to be his Valentine. Elena was initially conflicted about this, as the other participants also wanted her to be their Valentine, but eventually she decided to choose Talbott as her Valentine. Talbott also decorated one of the Hogwarts greenhouses for a date with Elena, and the two had their first kiss there.

Despite the second date, the two still did not remain in a relationship, and did not talk for the rest of their fifth year. In their sixth year, Talbott referred to Elena as his friend, which made Elena surprisingly happy. The two started to hang out more (other than on dates) in their sixth year, and Talbott got involved at times when Elena was trying to figure out R's secrets.

Andre Egwu Edit

Elena became familiar with Andre in Transfiguration classes (which Slytherin and Ravenclaw shared) in their second year, but did not have a full conversation until their third year, when the two met in Hogsmeade. In their fourth year, the two became friends, and he designed outfits for her for the Celestial Ball and her first date.

Charles Weasley Edit

Elena's friendship with Bill lead to her meeting Charlie, Bill's younger brother in her year. Both Elena and Charlie took Care of Magical Creatures as an elective. While they interacted in their third year, it was not until their fourth year when they became close friends. In their fourth year, Charlie, along with Tonks, helped arrange a date for Elena and Talbott.

Jae Kim Edit

The two did not know each other until their fifth year, which was when they met. During this year, they became close friends. Jae joined Elena in her first trip to Knockturn Alley, a location he was familiar with, and came with her during many future trips to the place as well.

Badeea Ali Edit

Badeea and Elena became friends in their fifth year. The two invented the Star Shower Spell.

Liz Tuttle Edit

Liz and Elena met in their third year due to their mutual friendship with Penny, but did not start to hang out until their fifth year when Liz rescued Elena from the runaway Chimaera. They mostly talked to each other during Care of Magical Creatures classes, as this was a subject both Elena and Liz were interested in.

Diego Caplan Edit

Diego and Elena met in their fifth year, and he trained her in duels.

Fred Weasley Edit

Elena met Fred, the younger brother of Bill and Charlie, in her sixth (his first) year when he and his younger brother George were causing trouble in the library. While George was sent to detention, Elena talked to Fred for a while, and learned about his interest in mischief.

George Weasley Edit

Elena met George at the same time as Fred, but their first meeting was cut short when George was sent into detention. They eventually met again and became friends.

Cedric Diggory Edit

Elena first heard about Cedric Diggory from his father Amos during the preparations for Hagrid's birthday. The two met when Cedric was in his first year and Elena was in her sixth.

Hogwarts Staff Edit

Severus Snape Edit

Snape was Elena's Head of House and Potions teacher. The two had a mostly disliked relationship. While Snape mostly said Elena was incapable, at some points, he had to admit that Elena was a capable student. He chose her as a Slytherin Prefect at the end of her fourth year and and gave her a weapon to be used against Rakepick (which she later used in the Portrait Vault when Rakepick turned out to be evil). Much to Snape's annoyance, Elena was good at Potions, achieving an Outstanding O.W.L. in the subject and continuing taking the subject at N.E.W.T. level.

Filius Flitwick Edit

Flitwick was Elena's Charms teacher. Elena and Flitwick had a mostly good relationship. Flitwick considered Elena one of his best students. However, at times, Flitwick tried to stop Elena when she did something to break the school rules. Elena convinced Flitwick to teach her, and sometimes her friends, spells not part of the school curriculum, or ones that are normally only taught in later years.

Elena was also a member of the Frog Choir, which was conducted by Flitwick, and it was Flitwick who chose Elena as a member following her audition.

Silvanus Kettleburn Edit

Kettleburn was Elena's Care of Magical Creatures teacher. As Elena was skilled at the subject and took care of many creatures on her own, Elena got along well with the teacher. Kettleburn even let Elena keep one of his Bowtruckles, seeing how Elena bonded with the creature.

Patricia Rakepick Edit

Rakepick was a curse-breaker and later Elena's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Elena had mixed feelings about Rakepick, seeing her as a mentor and capable teacher, but did not fully trust her. At the end of her fifth year, it turned out Rakepick was truly her enemy all along, and she started hating her. Despite this, she had still taught her how to defend against the Dark Arts better than the previous four teachers combined.

In her sixth year, Elena dedicated much of her time to trying to stop Rakepick, even planning to break into the Ministry of Magic until Moody talked her out of it.

Hogwarts Students Edit

As a student at Hogwarts in 1984-1991, Elena interacted with many students who attended Hogwarts during this time period, especially students of her year.

In the beginning of her school days, Elena was treated as an outcast and bullied by a third-year student due to her being the younger sibling of Jacob. However, when she beat school bully Merula Snyde in a duel, she gained a more positive reputation.

Merula Snyde Edit

Elena and Merula had a mutual dislike towards each other. Merula tried to constantly get Elena into trouble, even if this meant Slytherin losing points. Early in her first year, she even let a Devil's Snare strangle Elena.

While their relationship was almost purely hateful in their first year, the two learned to work together later on, although there was still rivalry between them (especially on Merula's side).

In their fifth year, their relationship turned less negative, and at one point, Merula even considered Elena her friend. However, after Rakepick's betrayal, Merula began to resent Elena again. Their relationship was still not as negative as it was during the early years, and they did not consider each other enemies.

Felix Rosier Edit

As a prefect of Slytherin, Felix was a mentor-like figure to Elena during her first three years of Hogwarts. He helped Elena learn duelling in her first year and made plans on getting Slytherin to win the House Cup.

Her time hanging out with Felix motivated Elena to gain enough house points to make Slytherin win the House Cup every year, and to eventually become a Prefect. Felix was impressed by what Elena did by showing her things he wouldn't normally show others before leaving the school.

Weird Sisters Edit

In December 1985, Elena met Myron Wagtail, Kirley Duke and Orsino Thruston, the three founders of the Weird Sisters. The three knew about Elena's attempt to enter the Vault of Ice and were fans of Elena. The three offered to let Elena perform with them in their debut performance, to which Elena agreed. During the few days before the performance, Elena got to know the three members, and even admitted to them that she had a crush on Bill Weasley. As she was not naturally talented at playing the bass guitar and only used magic during her performance, she did not stay in the group.

Elena met up with the three again in her third year when she was about to audition to the Frog Choir.

Ismelda Murk Edit

Ismelda, like Merula, mostly did not get along with Elena. When Elena started to spend more time with Merula in their fifth year, Ismelda confronted Elena as Merula was her best friend. In her fifth year, a student called Emily Tyler openly ridiculed Ismelda for having a crush on Barnaby Lee. Following this, Elena helped Ismelda feel better about the situation and got her to ask out Barnaby. However, Barnaby rejected Ismelda. While Ismelda and Elena did not consider each other enemies anymore, they did not become friends, but had more of a neutral relationship afterwards.

Elora Dunn Edit

Elora was sorted into Slytherin in 1989, the same year as Elena started her Prefect duties. As a Slytherin Prefect, Elena came to Elora's help when she was hiding in the Artefact Room. Elena helped Elora become more confident and taught her how to brew a Wiggenweld Potion and how to duel.

Face Paint Kid Edit

Elena met the Face Paint Kid shortly before watching a Quidditch friendly with Penny. The Face Paint Kid painted Elena's face with Slytherin colors and gave her a Quidditch quiz he made, in which Elena managed to get full points. The Face Paint Kid was impressed by Elena's Quidditch knowledge despite the fact that Elena had never played Quidditch or even watched a match.

Rebecca Ortiz Edit

Despite sharing a dorm room in their early years and attending the same classes, Elena and Rebecca did not interact much until their sixth year, when both were injured during a Quidditch friendly (Elena in the audience and Rebecca as a player) and had to stay in the Hospital Wing for a while. The two got to know each other, and Rebecca told Elena about her time on the Quidditch team while Elena told Rebecca about her experiences with the Cursed Vaults. Both were friends of Penny Haywood, although this was not surprising as Penny was friends with a lot of people.

Miitopia Team Edit

Star Edit

Star was the first person Elena met after she was summoned to Greenhorne. Elena learned of the situation and quickly teamed up with Star to help save the land. Star reminded Elena of herself as a teenager. While the two went on separate paths after the adventure, they stayed in touch in some way, and years later, Star visited Elena.

Magical Creatures Edit

As a co-owner of a Magical Creatures Reserve, Elena interacted with many magical creatures. She was already skilled at taking care of creatures during her teen years, and managed to tame (to the extent that dragons can be, as a dragon can never be domesticated) a Welsh Green in her sixth year. Elena named each of the creatures she took care of in the Magical Creatures Reserve after someone she knew.

Creatures Elena owned include:

  • Jacob: A Bowtruckle originally owned by Professor Kettleburn. This creature moved to the Magical Creatures Reserve in the 1987-1988 school year and was the first magical creature owned by Elena. She named him after her brother, who was missing at the time.
  • Penny: A Niffler in the Magical Creatures Reserve given to her by Hagrid. She named her after one of her closest friends.
  • Rubeus: A Porlock Elena found in the Magical Creatures Reserve. He was named after Hagrid, co-owner of the Magical Creatures Reserve, partially because of the time Elena gave Hagrid a Porlock for his birthday back in 1984.
  • Tulip: A Fairy in the Magical Creatures Reserve. She was named after Elena's friend Tulip Karasu.
  • Aurélie: An Abraxan in the Magical Creatures Reserve adopted by Elena in the spring of 1989. She was named after a student from Beauxbatons, Aurélie Dumont, due to Elena associating Abraxans with the magical school.
  • Ben: A Thestral in the Magical Creatures Reserve which Elena adopted in the 1989-1990 school year. Named after Elena's friend Ben Copper.
  • Felix: A Welsh Green adopted by Elena in October 1989. She named him after her past Prefect, Felix Rosier, due to his job as a Dragonologist and the dragon being green like Slytherin. Elena was excited to finally have a dragon, but aware of the dangers it may cause.
  • Rowan: A Plimpy Elena found in the lake in the Magical Creatures Reserve. She first saw a glimpse of the Plimpy when she visited the Reserve in February 1990, shortly before the death of Rowan Khanna. When she returned to the Reserve after Rowan's death, all she could think of while feeding the Plimpy was Rowan, and decided to make the creature after her.
  • Liz: A Chimaera adopted by Elena in 1990, named after her Magical Creature activist friend who had previously interacted with a Chimaera.

Alastor Moody Edit

Elena and Moody met near the end of her fifth year when he appeared in Bill's good-bye party. Moody told Elena about R, and made her not tell anyone else. The two had later meetings in their sixth year, and it was Moody who talked Elena out of her attempt to break into the Ministry of Magic. Elena saw Moody as a mentor and trusted him.

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