2020 was a leap year starting on a Wednesday in the current calendar.

2020 was considered by many to be a disastrous year. For more information about the disasters, go here.

In Calendars Edit

  • Chinese Calendar: Earth Pig (January 1-January 24), Metal Rat (January 25-December 31)
  • Dragon Calendar: Platypus
  • Mobian Calendar: 3250

Events Edit

  • January 1: Star and Illuminati, who had already experienced the change of the decade in Star Island, traveled to Peru in order to experience the change of the decade for a second time. Tree climbing was also popular on Star Island that day.
  • March: The Avocado Isles closed their borders, banning anyone from entering or leaving the area for the time being. As a result, the area also withdrew from the Supernatural Olympics, set to be held in July that year.
  • July: The Tokyo 2020 Supernatural Olympics took place despite the postponement of the actual Olympics, with Sonic Needlemouse from Mobius and Mario Mario from the Mushroom Kingdom returning along with their teammates after their absence from the 2018 Olympics.
  • August: Moona Viljanen met Jani-Petteri.

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